Providing guaranteed COD for cannabis inventory purchase orders.

For Brands & Distributors

For Retailers

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For Brand & Distributors

Tired of providing 30-60-90 day terms to your retail clients and being put in the position of having to chase them down for delayed payments?

Is the above problem having a negative toll on your cash flow?

Interested in receiving consistent, hassle-free COD from your retail clients?


Introducing FactorFlo

FactorFlo prepays you 100% for all customer purchases/invoices. FactorFlo takes on all of the collection risk and allows you to run and scale your business instead of chasing your hard-earned money.  

FactorFlo will purchase all of your inventory invoices at a discounted rate.


For Retailers

Tired of paying COD for your inventory purchases?

Would you like to buy more inventory but just don’t have enough cash available?


FactorFlo solves all that at 0 cost to you – the merchant.

FactorFlo offers a stress-free and streamlined repayment solution and funds your supplier/distributor 100% of your invoice up front.

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